How Donkeys are treated in Pakistan

It is common in Pakistan that animals have always become the victim of abuse and cruelty, they have never been given any importance, even if some of these animals spend their entire life serving humans. People here have no knowledge about what rights do these animals have, they think they are superior beings from them, which is why their situation is never understood by anyone.

In this article, I am going to focus on cruelty which Donkeys have to face in their daily life, these animals are highly social and should be kept under the companionship of other donkeys, if this is impossible, then the owner should be responsible and show more care and affection to this animal by spending more time with them, but in Pakistan it is not the case, life of a donkey is all about lifting heavy loads, walking with a cart attached to them all day, being whipped, not getting medical care, mistreated, and being abandoned if they are no more capable of serving them due to any injury or other factors.

There are numerous cases in Pakistan by which you can easily relate that how these animals are being treated and there is no one seem to care about it, if I or anyone else like me who would speak up against animal abuse in Pakistan, we will get responses like “Nobody cares about humans here so what makes you think anyone will care about animals here”.
This kind of reply was enough for me to realize what exactly is wrong with us.

According to an animal shelter foundation in Karachi, a Donkey was abandoned by its owner where it was left alone and was lying in the same spot for several days, that poor creature was in so terrible condition for weeks which kept him starving thirsty, the locals never seem to care until the foundation found him in that condition where he was in pain and crying, according to sources he also had one leg fractured, they did everything they could to help him but sadly, the poor animal lost his life after suffering pain for weeks, he reportedly had digestive problems as well.

It should have been our responsibility as humans that we should have helped such animals as soon as we found out if not, at least we could have to try to make sure that no animal would have to feel rejected and unloved before leaving this world. (

Another report tells us another case that in Karachi, PAWS Pakistan found out that there is an injured donkey whose leg is limped and have difficulty in walking when the members of that community visited to help the animal with help of a veterinarian of The Brooke (Largest animal welfare organization in Pakistan).
It is common there that most of the donkey owners just leave their animals to roam around and keep an eye on them from far away, The Brooke kept that fact in mind and tried to look for the owner of that Donkey, when they found the owner they told him about the pain his animal is suffering from but unfortunately the owner refused to listen to their advice, he also told that he is already in contact with a quack who will re-break the donkey’s leg and try to fix it so he can provide service again. The Brooke staff tried their best to tell him that the leg is non=fixable because once when it was broken it has already healed that way which is why that donkey cannot work again in the future.
It was not found out later according to my research that what happened to that donkey, but I wish he was taken care by the welfare. The problem, in this case, was that the owner completely refused the staff to take away his animal and in a country like this, one can face very difficulties in order to take someone else’s animal no matter what the reason is. (

Donkeys are also get abused and beaten by the protestors who take their frustrations out on innocent animals by beating, slapping them, just like in the picture below, cricket fans in Pakistan protested over their team’s loss and therefore they named the donkeys which the players are having, they carried the protest by ruthlessly beating and hitting bats and pelting them with tomatoes.

Locals protesting by abusing donkey against Pakistan cricket team

Whether it’s Pakistan or any other country in the world, no human has any right to decide whose life matters more, if we do so, out rank in living creatures is no higher than anyone of them. Pakistan can be a challenging place to reside in, for both animals and humans.
Animals cannot speak them for themselves, if they would, they would have simply made humanity cry, it is up to you and me that we must raise awareness to protect them and make the public realize that these animals have full rights to live and be loved.

Don’t forget to share to raise awareness as much as possible.


2 thoughts on “How Donkeys are treated in Pakistan”

  1. A very heart touching post, animal abuse is never right. Glad that you write about social issues across the border, really gives me a sneak peek on the things happening over there. As a fellow aspirant who wishes to enhance his writing skills, I totally relate to you brother.


    1. Thank you.
      Animal abuse is a problem which is not only in Pakistan.
      I have also seen it in other countries too. It shouldn’t be ignored.
      Soon will also post about them.
      Do share to provide more awareness of what’s happening and feel free to suggest me more ideas to fight against it.

      Liked by 1 person

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