Condition of Strays in Pakistan



Note: This article contains high graphic images

In Pakistan, we see a huge number of homeless animals whether they are cats or dogs or any other species, these animals are either trying to find a shelter to protect itself from the burning rays of the sun or suffering due to thirst or hunger. It is a sad fact that each year the rate of these animals is increasing and the majority of the people do not seem to care about it.

The main reason behind the excess increase in stray animals is that people in our country are not interested in adopting these poor souls, they are interested in having a beautiful white Persian kitten with blue eyes or a rare breed of dog e.g. a golden retriever. This level of thinking of these people is why the strays don’t get the affection and love which they deserve. The human approach towards these stray animals is quite rare, people tend to see them as a threat and kill them when they get a chance, just like in Karachi about a year ago.

According to Dawn, a dog named Sandy who had four puppies along with her who used to visit Hira Sami’s house for food, for many days she used to come with her puppies and leave after having food for all of them.
Sadly, not everyone has good intentions like Ms. Sami, it was reported that after few days, Sandy was shot dead by the authorities who came to kill the strays all around the area, she was killed and was dumped in a spot near Ms. Sami’s house, one of the puppies was shot dead as well and other was poisoned, only two of remaining survived and were rescued. (News reference
Ms. Sami claimed that “She was a lively animal who was very loving and responded to her name whenever I called out”, by listening to this event it is quite clear that how people in our country think about stray animals and how they mistreat them in response.

How is this humanity?

Picture of Karachi where stray dogs were shot dead by the authorities

The authorities treat the poor animals in this way in the context of protecting the residents from their attacks, what they do not realize is that their vicious and cruelty is causing the hazard to other animals and even people too by leaving the dead bodies lying around. Seeing stray animals in Pakistan is quite heartbreaking, most of these animals you see on your street is being teased by the children who throw stones at them just for amusement which makes the poor animal’s life more difficult to live. We do not provide these poor souls a home to live but we are also not letting them live peacefully in our area or streets, we have stopped thinking like humans.

These animals are also harmed by the hazardous factors of the weather such as rain, winter or even summer, if there is a heavy amount of rain then these animals are unable to find a shelter to survive and it simultaneously causes them to die to carry any fatal disease.

Every year thousands of animals die in car accidents and majority dies of hunger. You might have seen dead animals each day on the roads and highways, they are dead due to certain deadly and heartbreaking factors.

People in Pakistan see stray animals as a threat or dirty animals, for example if a guy sees a pregnant stray cat looking for food around his home he would immediately judge the cat on how dirty she looks and might contain diseases or if she gives birth here it may create mess in his garage and make his children sick, then he ends up scaring her off or beats her to make her leave the area, but what that person does not realize that the hazardous environmental factors have caused that poor animal to face such physical condition.

Another heartbreaking factor in our society is that we do not realize is that these animals have the same amount of right to live as we have, which is why they also deserve care, affection and a family.

Picture of a poor stray killed by a car due to driver’s negligence in Pakistan

As humans, we should realize that we are created by Allah as superior beings as compared to other living things, but being superior does not mean that other beings have no right to live around us, they have the right to live too and we as superior beings should make it easier for these animals by rescuing them, or nurturing them and finding them a good home.

There are only a few people who rescue and help these animals to find a loving home, but the majority do not even care to feel for these poor things.
According to Sahih Muslim, our beloved Prophet (SAW) once saw a donkey which had been branded on its face and he said, “May Allah curse the one who branded it.”. Not only this, our beloved Prophet (SAW) has also forbidden us to mentally hurt the animals. We as Humans must stop against harming these animals and treat them in a kind and loving way, It is our responsibility to provide the stray animals proper food, water, and shelter and give a home, They should be protected against abuse and torture and spread such actions to provide a good example of it, so if next time you see a starving cat near your home, give it food, or a flock of birds in hot weather, give them water, or a dog suffering in the rain, do not hesitate, provide it shelter and find him a good and loving home, and if you find one and have no idea what to do, feel free to contact any nearby animal shelter to help and protect that beautiful soul.