Broken Piece

She started feeling numbness in her body as if every body part of her’s is going to fall apart and she would never be able to feel her body again. Darkness surrounded her and her vision started blurring.
Blinking her eyes was doing no good to her as if some spider has veiled her vision with its web and she would never get her eyes back. Lying on her bed, she gave up on making any effort to get her body up, letting herself fall into the cavity of despair like a rose petal falling on the ground as autumn approaches.
The sound and noise were going towards diminution unless she started hearing no sound.

It was nothing new to her. She made no effort for herself as if she was already prepared for this situation to occur to her and drag her into the arms of despair. “Not again!”, her mind echoed as if it actually would end happening.
Tears appeared in her eyes but she didn’t let them lose their home. She closed her eyes and let herself ease into that despairing condition of hers. It was no longer that she turned subconscious.
“Stop it! I said stop it!” a voice ascended in her mind and soon her forehead was cover with wrinkles. Her quenched eyes could depict all the pain she was suffering but no one could see them. Maybe no one had the eyes to see her pain.
Maybe no one cared or perhaps no one knew who she actually was. She was just no one to everyone!
Falling into the pit of sufferings, with wrinkles getting intense on her face, a tear fell from the corner of her quenched eye and out of nowhere she woke up. As if someone pulled her out of a deep sea in a part of a second and she started breathing heavily.
Her heart was heavy like a mountain yet she managed to get up and fetch some water.

She was all covered in sweat in this winter evening that was rattling everyone’s teeth. But she was used to it so she went for a shower and carried herself as usual.


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Dua Tasleem
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High IQ Level – Advantages & Disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of having a high IQ discussed in this article are purely based on my personal experience and the experience of my friends and family. Therefore I believe, that some of you might also share some of these factors and realize that having a higher IQ level is quite interesting and be depressing at the same time.

IQ test refers to several tests which are collected as one score in a way to assess the level of intelligence of a specific person. There are several benefits of having high IQ level which would be discussed in this article then I will also enlighten its disadvantages.

Positive Aspects of Higher IQ level:
• With higher IQ level, people are able to learn and adapt new things easily, they would need no time to invest and doing hard work to pick-up those things.

• Solving Puzzles of any type quickly and easily.

• People with higher IQ level tends to be more creative and have the capability to create more possibilities towards achieving their goal. People with creativity can look at a drop of water dripping from a leaf and create a whole scene which would be enough to write an attractive content. These people have the ability to create something out of nothing.

• Such people are also noticed to be quite low on emotions, which is why they can handle emotional stress quite easily.

• It is a piece of cake for high IQ people to compete with others, I personally have seen my classmates in my University who have no problem or stress of studying, all they do is go through the course one week before the exam, lucky they are, they can also figure out ways to work smart.

• These people can perform far better than others in the workplace and earn more benefits comparatively from those who already work there.

• People with higher IQ like to be alone most of the time because they have a lot in their mind to keep them busy and to entertain themselves with their imagination, they would prefer to do this instead of occupying themselves with other’s boring company.

• Not all people with higher IQ can have these factors but majority can and some might have a few of these, some people with high IQ are great in picking up emotions and read expressions, for example, I always warn the people who are close to me about anything which seems suspicious to me, I have a natural ability to figure expressions and read “between the lines” which is why my friends close to me always consider my suggestions a strong factors for their decisions, but there are some who don’t listen and face some consequences.

After reading the good facts about having higher IQ level might make you think “Why it is still bad though, these kinds of people are so lucky”, well let me elaborate the negative aspects of having higher IQ level.

Negative Aspects of Higher IQ level:
• These people are ought to be quite judgmental on the occasions of pure stupidity, for example, if you have a quarrel with your significant other, and they try to bring up emotional discussions in your quarrel you would literally find it lame and useless stuff which is worth ignoring.

• Some of you may disagree to this but people with lower IQ are happier because people with higher IQ level cannot just forget anything, for example, they easily freak people out with their sharp memory. They remember every detail of their life, if it’s a phone number, email, or even relationships, what color was that specific person was wearing last week, when and what conversation (especially if it’s a verbal clash) which would keep their mind more occupied, and this is a factor which cannot make life easier, it makes difficult for them to forget and move on.

• They might confuse everyone with their career choices, for example, I know a girl from my class who tends to love math and was also excellent in finance, furthermore, she was also quite sharp in human resource courses and is a great article writer. But she has literally no clue of what would she become in the future and have difficulty figuring out what she would love to do the most.

• They get bored very easily, and they have interest in learning new skills but become bored after learning and practicing those skills, they live in fantasy more than in reality, some hate hard work and can’t stay focused, this can be a weakness if they are not writers, because as a writer they can make great and lovely contents, mix up their emotions into reality and fantasy and establish their unique world of literature.

• Majority of these people seems to be irrational socially, for example, if they are born in a family in Islamic or Hindu religion, they would seem to have a lot of questions regarding their religious practices and rules, they also seem to ask a lot of questions regarding religion which starts to become silly and it generally ends up for them facing hardships. It all occurs because these people feel offended that their lifestyle is being affected by their religion.

• You may face difficulty sleeping at night due to your thoughts and imaginations are running in your brain, and they are hard to stop from raising different questions which lead to the answers connected with more questions.

• Ladies with higher IQs face a great challenge in getting in relationships because the majority of men see them as “Feminist” and would prefer to not have a relationship with them because she might be more superior than them. But they would easily get along with men who support feminism, for example, a person like me would prefer such women to be with and share my experiences with her.


If you are a person with higher IQ level, you may easily have related to all or any of these factors, it is quite amazing to have a higher IQ level but is quite hectic of getting depressed at the same time too. I am believing there are more points which can be added to this list but as mentioned before I chose to discuss major points to keep my article short.


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