Broken Piece

She started feeling numbness in her body as if every body part of her’s is going to fall apart and she would never be able to feel her body again. Darkness surrounded her and her vision started blurring.
Blinking her eyes was doing no good to her as if some spider has veiled her vision with its web and she would never get her eyes back. Lying on her bed, she gave up on making any effort to get her body up, letting herself fall into the cavity of despair like a rose petal falling on the ground as autumn approaches.
The sound and noise were going towards diminution unless she started hearing no sound.

It was nothing new to her. She made no effort for herself as if she was already prepared for this situation to occur to her and drag her into the arms of despair. “Not again!”, her mind echoed as if it actually would end happening.
Tears appeared in her eyes but she didn’t let them lose their home. She closed her eyes and let herself ease into that despairing condition of hers. It was no longer that she turned subconscious.
“Stop it! I said stop it!” a voice ascended in her mind and soon her forehead was cover with wrinkles. Her quenched eyes could depict all the pain she was suffering but no one could see them. Maybe no one had the eyes to see her pain.
Maybe no one cared or perhaps no one knew who she actually was. She was just no one to everyone!
Falling into the pit of sufferings, with wrinkles getting intense on her face, a tear fell from the corner of her quenched eye and out of nowhere she woke up. As if someone pulled her out of a deep sea in a part of a second and she started breathing heavily.
Her heart was heavy like a mountain yet she managed to get up and fetch some water.

She was all covered in sweat in this winter evening that was rattling everyone’s teeth. But she was used to it so she went for a shower and carried herself as usual.


This brilliant master piece is written by a passionate writer and a great personality.

Dua Tasleem
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